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Toyota Yaris GR Turbon sisääntuloletku

291.28 EUR
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do88 Performance turbo inlets designed for an easy drop-in-fitment in your Toyota Yaris GR!

Key figures
- More air to your engine, less backpressure and better airflow!
- Airflow at 0,1 bar / 1,45 psi pressure drop: 710 CFM (620 CFM), 15 % higher than OE! See diagram under product pictures.
- 3D, freeform designed inlet hose made from the finest silicone.
- CNC-machined turbo inlet adapter.

The efficiency of a turbocharged engine is under direct influence of the inlet air temperature (IAT) and the backpressure in the system. A crucial aspect, yet often overlooked, is having sufficient airflow before the compressor to avoid surge. Less vacuum and colder air enables the turbo to produce a larger mass which in the end means more air to the intake – summing up, this means noticeable power gains. There are great power wins to be earned with a good induction system! Throughout our years in this business, with countless hours of evaluation and development, we have seen the coherent connection in between IAT, sufficient airflow to the compressor, and the impact this has on the output.

do88 turbo inlet hose
We started the development by 3D-scanning the entire designated area on the car. This allowed us to work in a sensible manner, with the products in our CAD-environment using SolidWorks. The entire air filter system is optimized for airflow and radiuses and angles are reworked many times to achieve the best result! The finished product is verified with both Computer Flow Dynamics (CFD) as well with our Superflow SF1020 flowbench. All efforts are made to offer real and trustworthy data for you as a customer.

The kit comes with hose in black finish, CNC-machined adapter towards the turbo and top-quality, hose clamps.
Toyota Yaris GR
Vuosimallit: 2020-
OE viite / Korvaa

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