Volvo 740/940 Jäähdytinletkut | 740 (-92), 940 Ilmastointi - 74

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Volvo 740/940 Jäähdytinletkut ryhmässä Mallikohtaiset / Volvo / 740 / 940 / 740 (-92), 940 Ilmastointi @ do88 AB (do88-kit108Br)
Volvo 740/940 Jäähdytinletkut
Volvo 740/940 Jäähdytinletkut

Volvo 740/940 Jäähdytinletkut

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A hose kit developed by do88 to replace OEM radiator / cooling system hoses.

This is an stronger alternative to OEM hoses! Our hoses have 3 or 4 PLY reinforcement depending on inner diameter compared to OEM hoses that mostly have 1 PLY reinforcement. Another advantage of our hoses are the silicone material that withstands high temperature for long time.

This makes our hosekits a terrific upgrade if your original hoses starts to crack from age or maybe you use your car in a way that the original hoses where not designed for.

This hose kit is available in three different colors Blue / Black / Red. There are no performance difference between the different colors, choose which color you think will be best for your car.

Kit with matching hose clamps you find to the left under "Accessories", Hoseclamp kit do88-kit108.

All part numbers from the vehicle manufacturer are only stated as reference.

Auton malli: Volvo 740
Vuosi mallit: 1992
Moottori: Kaikki bensa moottorit ilman turboa
Moottorikoodi: B230F

Volvo 940
Vuosi mallit: 1991-1998
Moottori: Kaikki bensa moottorit ilman turboa
Moottorikoodi: B230F
Sisältyvät letkut: Jäähdyttimen yläletku
Viite: 3547147

Jäähdyttimen alaletku
Viite: 1326834

Paisuntasäiliön letku
Viite: 1271523